Nepal: Jesus Is Healer and Savior

VOM News reported that, Laxmi, a young Nepali woman, accepted Christ after being healed from a long illness through the prayers of a local church congregation. She continued to attend the church after her recovery, but her husband told her, “You went to church for healing and now you are healed, so you don’t need to go to church.” Laxmi boldly replied, “Now I know Jesus, and he is not just a healer but a savior, also.” When she repeatedly refused to stop attending the church, her husband married another woman and left Laxmi and their 7-year-old daughter behind. Unable to pay their rent, Laxmi is now homeless; she hopes to start a tailoring business to sustain them. Pray for Laxmi and her daughter.

Pray for Laxmi and her daughter.

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