Samuel David Mejia Ibañez

With the passing of time, my father became interested in the work of the Lord and Pastor Ciro Gonzalez sent him to start a mission field in Girón municipality. At first, preaching was started in Santa Cruz village, but then for various reasons – threats and attempts against his life among them, we moved to El Poblado neighborhood; there the church was started with much opposition. In this new neighborhood I was witness of 2 attempts against my father´s life, but the Lord helped us. When I was 12 years, the emerging church was given to the care of another Pastor (Manuel Capellán), and I was baptized at that age. When I was 14, we moved to Barranquilla city as my parents had to look after the economic situation of our home working in a secular job while accomplishing the ministerial labor at the same time (family was too big and the emerging churches couldn´t sustain a family that size.) In that new city, the Lord starting dealing with me in a very special way; I was baptized by the Holy Ghost at 14 years, started receiving a calling directly from God art 15 through personal experiences, reason why, being 16 I made the rotund decision and entered full time ministry as an evangelist amidst the opposition of some people who didn´t understand what God was doing with me. My evangelistic labor started in the Colombian cities of Barranquilla, Cartagena, followed by Santa Marta; from there on, the Lord begun to take me across the country´s central part and my ministry was focused in that geographical area.

At my 19 years I started to give my first crusades in other countries. Then, when I turned 21 years, I married Sister Clara Inés Arango and God gave us 3 precious kids. By then, I already lived in Cali city where God granted us to start the WMM church in El Paraiso neighborhood. It was a beautiful experience. In that city the Lord also allowed me to do my basic and intermediate studies of English. After a productive time in that city, God sent us as missionaries to establish the work in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the year 1992. Having worked there for approximately 3 years and having started the work in that country (with a very high cost because our elder daughter, Elizabeth, who was 13 years old, went away to the presence of the Lord), our Visa expired and were not renewed according to the laws of the country. The Lord brought us to Bucaramanga city in Colombia, were we are pasturing a precious church up to now. During this period, God has helped us to develop a project looking forward to expand the WMM work toward the English-speaking world, or to those countries that have English as second language.

About us

The Worldwide Missionary Movement, Inc. is a non-profit church with a vision to plant new churches wherever God opens new doors all over the world.


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